AutoHotkey 2.0.2 Serial Key Latest Download 2023

AutoHotkey 2.0.2 Serial Key Latest Download 2023

AutoHotkey 2.0.2 Serial Key Free Latest Download 2023

AutoHotkey is a and open-source scripting language for Windows that allows users to automate repetitive tasks by creating custom keyboard shortcuts, hotkeys, and macros. It can also be used for GUI automation and general scripting.

AutoHotkey scripts are written in a simple syntax and can be compiled into standalone executable files. The language supports a wide range of features, including variable assignment, control flow statements, functions, and object-oriented programming.

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AutoHotkey is commonly used for automating tasks in software applications, such as web browsers, text editors, and spreadsheet programs. It can also be used for system-level automation, such as controlling the mouse and keyboard, launching applications, and managing windows.

AutoHotkey has a large and active community of users who share scripts and offer support through forums and online resources. It is available for download on the AutoHotkey website and is compatible with Windows 2000 and later versions.

Key Features of AutoHotkey:

  • Easy-to-learn syntax for scripting
  • Can automate almost any task on Windows
  • Ability to create custom hotkeys and shortcuts
  • Can create complex scripts with loops, variables, and conditional statements
  • Supports remapping of keys and buttons for greater customization of input devices
  • Can automate mouse clicks, movements, and scrolling
  • Supports multiple clipboard formats for easy copy and paste operations
  • Allows for easy integration with other applications and tools
  • Large and active community of users and contributors
  • Available as a portable executable for easy use on multiple computers

AutoHotkey 2.0.2 Serial Key Free Latest Download 2023

What’s New?

  • Improved performance and memory usage
  • Enhanced support for Windows 10
  • Added support for Unicode 13.0
  • Added new functions for working with arrays, objects, and JSON data
  • Improved error messages and debugging tools
  • Added new commands for working with windows, controls, and GUIs
  • Added support for using Regular Expressions in scripts
  • Added support for multi-line hotkeys and hotstrings
  • Improved compatibility with other software and tools
  • Added new features for working with sound, images, and video
  • Added new options for customizing the tray icon and tooltip
  • Added support for using external DLLs in scripts
  • Added support for encrypting scripts to protect intellectual property
  • Improved documentation and online resources for learning and troubleshooting
  • Added support for using COM objects and working with Office applications
  • Added support for working with the clipboard history in Windows 10
  • Improved support for high-DPI displays and multiple monitors
  • Added new features for working with text and strings, including regular expressions and case conversion
  • Added support for using custom icons in GUIs and menus
  • Added new functions for working with dates and times.


  • Can save time and reduce repetitive strain injuries by automating tasks
  • Provides a high degree of customization for keyboard and mouse input
  • Supports the creation of custom GUIs for more advanced applications
  • Active community and many resources available for learning and troubleshooting
  • Offers a portable version for easy use on multiple computers
  • Can improve productivity by streamlining workflow and automating tasks
  • Highly adaptable to different user needs and preferences.


  • Syntax and scripting can be difficult for beginners to learn
  • Can be risky if not used, as it can potentially cause unintended actions or changes
  • May require some troubleshooting to get scripts to work correctly with certain applications or programs
  • May require some additional learning and experimentation to utilize all of its features
  • Requires a basic understanding of programming concepts to use effectively
  • May not be suitable for complex or large-scale applications
  • Requires some level of technical proficiency to use effectively
  • Scripting can be time-consuming to set up and test for optimal performance

System Requirements for AutoHotkey:

  • Windows XP or newer operating system
  • 32 or 64-bit CPU
  • 64 MB RAM or more

 How To Download AutoHotkey?

  • Go to the AutoHotkey website at
  • Click on the “Download” button on the home page
  • Select the appropriate version for your operating system (32 or 64-bit)
  • Follow the installation prompts to complete the installation process

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